Glasses of Binyon – Calana experiences Migraine Relief with Avulux Lenses

Ever since her freshman year of high school, our office manager Calana has experienced debilitating migraines. Officially diagnosed with chronic migraines 17 years ago, she experiences at least 12 migraines a month. Triggered by light, then experiencing extreme light sensitivity, halos, nausea, fatigue, this condition has been very difficult to manage.

Since Calana excels in administrative positions, her work path has led her through a variety of office environments. Working in an office invariably leads to lots of computer time and overhead fluorescent lights. We’re so glad she ended up at Binyon Vision Center because we get the benefit of her talents. Over two years ago, aware of her condition, Dr. McEathron sent an article on this new migraine-relief lens technology to Calana. She pursued a trial of Avulux migraine relief glasses and they have been life changing for her. We hope the Avulux lenses now available at Binyon will also be life changing for more of our patients who deal with migraines.

Now available at Binyon- Avulux migraine relief glasses, proven glasses to prevent migraines and decrease light sensitivity for migraine sufferers.

How Avulux lenses work

Avulux lenses uniquely filter out blue, amber and red light, only allowing soothing green light to pass through. Blue and amber light affect cells in your eyes that secrete melanopsin, which can lead to migraine attacks and increase light-triggering pain.

Now available at Binyon- Avulux migraine relief glasses, proven glasses to prevent migraines and decrease light sensitivity for migraine sufferers.

The patented Avulux lens technology removes up to 97% of the triggering wavelengths. An independent, third party study conducted a double blind, placebo controlled study comparing the benefits of wearing Avulux lenses vs. clear plano lenses on patients with regular migraines (reference: It was found that wearing Avulux in addition to a healthy life style statistically improved symptoms on an 11-point pain scale between 2-4 hours after wearing the lenses. The Avulux lens filter is the most scientifically researched and tested glasses device for migraine symptoms. Over eight years of development have gone into these lenses that are now available in single vision, progressive and plano (no prescription) lenses.

Now available at Binyon- Avulux migraine relief glasses, proven glasses to prevent migraines and decrease light sensitivity for migraine sufferers.

How to use Avulux lenses

Glasses with Avulux lenses can be worn either for preventative measures, or as migraine symptoms start. Calana’s main triggers are overhead lighting and heavy perfume smells. Without doubt, lighting in airports and airplanes have always triggered a migraine during the flight or upon landing. Calana recently traveled for work on two separate occasions and decided to wear her Avalux glasses. On all legs of her journey, she was migraine free! Instead of heading to the hotel to curl up in a dark room- she could go enjoy the sights and sounds of the city she visited. As a preventative measure, Calana wears her Avulux glasses when she is in an environment that triggers her migraines.

In addition- when Calana feels a migraine coming on, she grabs her Avulux glasses. Instead of craving a dark room- she feels relief. After a few minutes, she describes the feeling like when you relax and lower your shoulders- but in her eyes. Because lights are a main trigger for Calana’s migraines, she tried several other “migraine-reducing” glasses on the market and the popular tints. Avulux has been the best solution by far. She also likes that while other glasses distort color, the unique filter in these lenses keep colors true, something important in computer work. While migraines would often send her home from work before- she can keep working.

Now available at Binyon- Avulux migraine relief glasses, proven glasses to prevent migraines and decrease light sensitivity for migraine sufferers.

For more information on Avulux lenses

Binyon Vision Center is the only provider of Avulux lenses north of Seattle and south of Vancouver, BC. Our opticians have been trained in the specifications and fitting of these lenses. We have the ability to create Rx lenses in partnership with Cherry Optical lab in both single vision and progressive lens styles. We can also create a plano (non-Rx) lens and have fitover glasses with Avulux filters to pair with prescription glasses. To schedule time to discuss Avulux lenses with an optician- please call 360-647-2020.

Avulux offers a 60-day return policy for full refund when patients have tried continuous use for two weeks with no relief. Additional resources can be found at

Recycling Update for all things Eye Care!

New recycling options for eye drop containers and contact lens cases!

We are into our fifth year of recycling contact lenses and contact lens packaging as a Terra Cycle partner! A common concern for our potential daily wear contact lens wearers was the amount of waste the daily disposable contacts would generate. We’re excited to have this solution available and we’ve now shipped over 460 pounds of contact lens waste that has been dropped off by you Bellingham for proper recycling. Yes – I calculated that twice to make sure. Municipal recycle pick up would sort out these little pieces of plastic from the recycle and now we’ve diverted the equivalent weight of a tiger out of the landfill!

An average Bengal Tiger weighs 450 lbs. Binyon Vision Center has shipped over 460 lbs of contact lens waste for recycling since 2018.

We’ve worked hard to get the word out about our contact lens recycling program and these results show it has been successful! Now we’re excited to introduce a new recycling program available for more eyecare products. Binyon Vision Center is now also a drop off point for recycling the following items:

  • All brands of contact lens cases
  • All brands of contact lens solution bottle caps (bottles can be recycled through the city recycling program- but caps are too small!)
  • Eye drop single dose vials
  • Eye drop packaging

Hard to remember? Here’s a little image to help. If it has to do with your eye care or eye wear and it seems too small to go into the City Recycle… we will probably be able to recycle it!

With the addition of eye drop packaging, this spreads to non-contact lens wearers! We’d appreciate helping us get the word out- if you can share this image above with your friends, family members and social media followers we can get more people recycling these items. As with the contact lens packaging, anyone can drop by a container of these products, we’ll take the goods and return your container if you’d like. You can drop it through our mail slot (if it fits!) during our closed hours.

Recycling around the office with Ridwell

Our optical business receives many boxes via courier service and various package delivery outfits every day. Yes, this is so fun- new frames for our showroom floor, our patient’s completed prescription glasses, office supplies, and more to keep us going! After the thrill of opening the boxes of new glasses, the let down was the amount of unrecyclable waste. Over a year ago, Dr. LeClaire opened an account with Ridwell, a unique pick up service for hard to recycle items. Check out here if they are available in your area.

Recently, we upgraded our Ridwell service to the unlimited plan. This allows us to recycle:

  • Plastic film (many frame companies send their frames to us in plastic film bags for protection)
  • Batteries
  • Threads
  • Light bulbs
  • Multi-layered plastic (food storage bags for example)
  • Clear plastic clamshells
  • Styrofoam
  • Latex paint and fluorescent lights for a minimal extra fee

We received a bin to fill for monthly pick up but with our unlimited plan, we can add extra bags (and we always do!) outside of the bin and they will take those also. We love the knowledge the extra waste that comes in the door can be recycled and what is especially cool about Ridwell is they will tell us where it’s going! They are transparent and accountable for how and where the recycled materials are used. See more details here.

With Terra Cycle and Ridwell, small recycling steps add up!

You can help us with our mission to divert small eye care waste from landfills – reference the image above and drop by these new items along with your contact lens waste to Binyon Vision Center. If you haven’t started using Ridwell yet, we’d encourage you to give it a try! The service can be canceled any time if it’s not a good fit. For the Binyon Vision Center team, the peace of mind all of us get from not throwing these previously unrecyclable items into the garbage can is priceless!

Lafont Trunk Show- Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses!

The ENTIRE Lafont Collection on display

There was no doubt on July 12, 2023- Lafont Paris was in the Binyon house in Bellingham, WA. One of the pioneers of the independent eyewear movement and family owned for 100 years – we are always so excited to welcome this company to take over the store and show their extensive and unique line of frames.

Cheetah, cheetah and more cheetah

A long time signature of the Lafont line is the cheetah print that has graced many a frame style in the last 100 years. One table was dedicated to all of the current frames that come in cheetah print. There are over 18 frames that incorporate cheetah into their color scheme!

My mission – finding my next frame to compliment my current collection!

When I became presbyopic a few years ago and needed progressive lenses to see the fine print- my glasses collection severely reduced in size! I was so excited to peruse the latest Lafont line to find the perfect pair. There were two that stood out immediately- both recommended by the Lafont rep for the Pacific Northwest, Ciara.

The “Maud” features a metal polka dot motif in an amazing cut out bronze color accented by the bottom light blue. I love the delicacy of the cut outs- I had a previous Lafont frame with a filigree cut out and it looked like a piece of jewelry. Jordan pointed out the bronze color might not wear well in winter without the summer glow, and I had to agree! Maybe next time, Maud.

Oh hello “Jeanne” … this is the magic of a trunk show. Jeanne has been at the Binyon store before but in a different color combination. This pop of color combined with lightness and my favorite shape was exactly what I needed. I put these on, and knew I’d found the perfect pair.

After making my final selection, I was excited to be measured by the new tool in the office, the Shamir Spark hands-free measuring tool. Heather sat me down to look in the mirror and showed me how the machine took all the necessary measurements for the progressive lenses, even calculating how far the glasses were from the front of my eyes and the angle from the top to the bottom of the lenses. I’m so excited to get the Autograph Intelligence lenses with these new frames- the best in progressive lens technology.

Lafont Trunk Show Invitation

What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is an opportunity for a manufacturer to bring in their entire collection to a retail partner. As much as an optical boutique like ours would love to carry every frame in every color, we get to choose our inventory carefully (PS – stay tuned for an upcoming blog interview with our office manager on how she chooses which frames to bring in the store)!

During a trunk show, we get a limited opportunity to bring in every frame from one of our manufacturers in every color and it is SO fun. This summer, we’re bringing one of our longtime favorites, Lafont Paris who is also celebrating their 100th year in business!

Who is Lafont?

Here is a snippet from the Lafont website about their rich history in eyewear:

“Lafont’s story begins with Louis Lafont in 1923 and the opening of his optical boutique at 11 rue Vignon Paris. The Maison took a pivotal turn in the 1980’s with Laurence and Philippe Lafont introducing their iconic frame – GENIE. Today Thomas and Matthieu, fourth generation the of Lafont family, head Maison Lafont, where independence remains a pillar of the brand.

Together they are committed to the future ensuring eco-responsibility in their products and services.

Lafont is full of color and Parisian style. Signature colors and patterns are combined with seasonal shading forming unique and exclusive designs. Evidence of the authenticity of French eyewear expertise and French manufacturing found in the unique combination of artisanal craftsmanship and technology that is fundamental to the House.
One passion guides our collections: a beautiful product made with care and attention to detail.”

With over 500 additional frames in stock, we hope that you join us for return of the annual Lafont Trunk show!

Your Invitation!

Welcome Dr. Squires!

Dear Patients,

We are extremely excited to announce the addition of a new optometrist to the team at Binyon Vision Center.  Dr. Patrick Squires will start seeing patients on April 24th and have availability on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  

Dr. Squires grew up in St. Louis and graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry with honors.  He has spent most of his career working in community health clinics in Seattle.  Dr. Squires helped establish a diabetic clinic for the Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Clinics, where he did retinal screenings.  He volunteered with UW Faculty and medical students, “Sight Savers”, and local health fairs including Seamar’s Latina Health Fair. He was also a past director and a volunteer at the Millionair Club Eye Clinic in Seattle. 

Dr. Squires’ wife is from Glasgow.  While pursuing her, he spent four years working abroad in Germany and Scotland.  During his time in Germany, Dr. Squires set up contact lens clinics as a civilian for the Department of Defense.

Dr. Squires’ son attends Fairhaven Middle School, and his wife is an Occupational Therapist for the Opportunity Council.  In his free time, Dr. Squires travels the I-5 corridor driving his son to his next soccer match.  Being an avid baseball fan, he is a season ticket holder to the Everett Aquasox, and frequently attends Bellingham Bells games.  Dr. Squires considers himself fortunate to have worked with many exceptional clinicians, and caring individuals, throughout his career. He has great respect for Dr. McEathron and is excited to join Dr. LeClaire and Binyon Vision Center.

Dr. McEathron will be working two days a week in June and on Wednesdays in July until he hangs up his ophthalmoscope- except for occasional vacation fill-in for the other doctors!  We wish him all the best in his retirement.


Dr. Heather LeClaire and the Binyon team

Patient Appreciation Month

Each of you who trusts us with your eye health and glasses needs are invaluable to our business. For patient appreciation month we celebrate YOU. Thank you for your support.

Our community’s support of local, independent businesses is above and beyond. Inspired by the “Think Local” campaign – we’ve put together a drawing with prizes from some of our favorite local businesses and multiple ways for our patients to enter! This year we’re going bigger – more prizes and more ways to win!

Here are the ways you can earn entries to the patient appreciation drawing:

  • Stop by the office and request an entry!
  • Bring by your spray bottle for a refill for two entries!
  • Bring in used contact lenses and packaging for recycling for two entries
  • Purchase a 3, 6 or 9 month supply of contacts = three entries
  • Purchase new lenses for your frame = three entries
  • Purchase a plano (non-prescription) pair of sunglasses = three entries
  • Purchase a year supply of contacts = five entries
  • Order a new complete pair of glasses = five entries

And now the best part! The prizes!

  • A pair of Ovvo frames- your pick- and a free set of lenses = one complete pair of glasses!!
  • Gift certificate to Binyon Vision Center
  • Custom 5 x 7 painting by local artist Ben Mann
  • Gift certificate to Lockbreaker Escape Rooms
  • Gift certificate to Pure Bliss
  • Local artist Phoebe Wahl gifts
  • Cute but Crazy Socks
  • Gift certificate for Village Books
  • Aslan Brewing Co swag
  • And more!

All qualifying purchases will be automatically added to the drawing throughout the month of April and the winner will be notified the first week of May! One prize per entrant. No limit to number of entries.

Thank you again for your incredible support of our business! We appreciate you!

Also! Keep a look out on our Instagram page for a special social media giveaway this month!

Important Announcement on Dr. McEathron’s Retirement

February 27, 2023

Dear Patients,

With a mixture of joy and sadness, we announce Dr. Mark McEathron’s 43 years of service at Binyon Vision Center will be coming to an end in 2023.  Dr. McEathron has faithfully cared for patients in Bellingham since September 1980.  The transfer of ownership to Dr. LeClaire in September 2021 has been very smooth and he has full confidence in Binyon Vision Center’s future in providing quality care for the eyes of Whatcom County.

He is thankful for the many patients and families with whom he has built relationships and is honored to have cared for two and sometimes even three generations.  The ability to help each patient see their best has been an extremely rewarding career.   In his retirement, he looks forward to more travel with his wife, Mary, and spending more time with his seven grandchildren.

The Binyon team will be looking for a full-time replacement optometrist for Dr. McEathron.  He will be available part-time to schedule appointments for the foreseeable future.  Please call for availability and we will announce his last day on our website along with an introduction of our new doctor.  

We offer our endless thanks to Dr. McEathron and wish him all the best in retirement!


Dr. Heather LeClaire and the Binyon team

Opticians In Training – Part 2

Heather, David and Jordan never have fun on the optician training journey

Becoming an optician is a combination of on the job training and study. Our new opticians learn about visual disorders, the physics of lenses and the variety of progressive lens designs from texts and webinars at the same time as they work with patients and apply this knowledge. The combined approach is really important and results in a lot of “a-ha!” moments. The opticians in training listen to a patient’s past experience and might be able to solve problems because of a webinar on freeform progressive lenses. It is great to watch this new crew learn on the way to becoming highly trained professional opticians!

Heather listens to a patient’s thoughts on frame options

We are thankful for many wonderful resources the opticians in training are using including:

ECP Advantage from Walman Optical – on demand and live webinars from the optician training department at Walman Optical.

Optician Works – training videos from Laramy K Optical Lab.

Our product partners including Lauren from Shamir, Addie from l.a. Eyeworks and Feb31st eyewear, Ciara from Lafont, and many more!

The part-time veteran opticians who provide in person training a few times each week – Jill and Margaret!

With strong attention to detail, a desire to learn, and a natural focus on problem-solving customer service – our three new opticians are in just a few months becoming amazing opticians. Becoming a licensed optician is a three year process. The requirements include 6,000 hours of job hours and passing two board certification tests, ABO and NCLE*. We’re excited to support the opticians in training in this goal as they help patients achieve the best vision in their glasses on the way!

*American Board of Opticianry and National Contact Lens Examination

Opticians in Training!

In our not-so-biased opinion – being an optician is one of the coolest jobs. Helping people to see by working with a patient to fill glasses prescriptions is incredibly rewarding. We are so excited to watch our new optician apprentices embark on this journey.

optician apprentice jordan and heather
Heather and Jordan, Optician Apprentice, August 2022

Heather and Jordan both come from strong customer service backgrounds. Being able to listen and help meet patient’s needs is critical for this role. With that foundation, they are working on adding the technical components of the job. These include:

  • Incoming quality inspection of all glasses orders
  • Repairing and adjusting glasses for patients
  • Understanding all the lenses, lens materials, and lens treatment option
  • Understanding the components of frames and which work well for different prescriptions and faces
  • Taking measurements for patient’s glasses
  • Entering orders and working with the lab who makes all our lenses.
optician apprentice takes pupillary distance measurement
Jordan practices taking Heather’s pupillary distance (PD) using a pupillometer.

Proper measurement for a pupillary distance is a critical part of making glasses! We have a small tolerance for error because we have seen patients experience unintended distortion and discomfort with glasses made to the wrong pupillary distance. Our optician apprentices practice taking the pupillary distance for the entire staff and compare to the measurements from our experienced opticians. We troubleshoot technique until they are repeatably and accurately taking the measurements!

This is a fun journey we look forward to sharing with you! If you come in the office in the next few months, you may work with one of our optician apprentices as they are still shadowing or in training. Thank you for your patience as we place a high value on training our opticians to help you find the best frames and lenses possible!

We’re Hiring!

Our patients love us because we love what we do. We are looking for an equally enthusiastic optician to join the team at Binyon Vision Center and help us serve more of the Bellingham community with amazing eyewear.

We have been taking care of eyes in downtown Bellingham since 1935. Our two doctors provide a thorough eye exam and our opticians guide patients through our independent frame lines and educate on the latest innovations in lenses. We’ll all argue Bellingham is the best place to live in the world and the community support for independent businesses is very strong.

As we grow we are excited to add to our team an optician apprentice or licensed dispensing optician with exceptional customer service skills. Optical experience is a plus, but we have on the job training available as well. An ideal fit for this position is someone with a passion for helping people and an eye for style. Our patients are our highest priority always, so excellent customer service is a must! Experience in customer focused jobs (retail, sales, food service, etc.) is mandatory. This is a full time position. We offer competitive salary based on experience, benefits and a matching 401k plan.

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

– Assisting patients with frame and lens selection

– Prescription verification and dispensing

– Adjustments and repairs

– Inventory management

– Order placement

Experience with Crystal Practice Management, DVI and VSP billing is a plus. Optimal candidates will be passionate about eyewear, eyecare and delivering top service and quality products to our patients. Must be able to work as a part of a close-knit team. To apply for this position with Binyon Vision Center, please submit cover letter and resume here. Emails preferred, no phone calls please. Compensation depends on experience.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $17.00 – $23.00 per hour


  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Employee discount
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off


  • 8 hour shift

Supplemental Pay:

  • Bonus pay

COVID-19 considerations:
All staff must be fully vaccinated. Staff and patients must wear masks in the office.

Ability to commute/relocate:

  • Bellingham, WA 98225: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)


  • Customer service: 2 years (Required)