Glasses Lenses- Know Your Options!

Just as with camera lenses or televisions- not all ophthalmic lenses are created equally and give you the same visual experience! We are proud to work with independent labs and have access to thousands of lens designs and options. This allows us to work with you to understand your needs and lifestyle and customize a set of lenses that will work the best for you.

An ophthalmic lens has several important attributes, defined by your prescription and preferences:

Lens Style: the type of lens- single vision, bifocal, trifocal, progressive is part of the doctor’s prescription and will identify if the glasses will correct vision for a single purpose (distance viewing, computer viewing or near viewing for example) or for multiple purposes.  Multi-focal lenses will incorporate a lined segment (bifocal or trifocal) or have a blended graduation of corrected power to assist the wearer in seeing at multiple distances.  A special note on progressive lenses: there are hundreds of progressive lens designs in the world.  Working with a independent lens manufacturing facility, we have access to many designs from several manufacturers.  As we discuss the way your visual needs we are happy to make educated recommendations for the most successful progressive lens designs.  Our preferred progressive lenses are freeform lenses manufactured by Shamir and Varilux®.

Lens Material: there are several lens materials that offer various features such as optical clarity, weight and thinness.  Our opticians will discuss the benefits of each material and provide recommendations on the best choice for your prescription and lifestyle.

Additional Lens Options: a number of options are available to improve the vision and comfort with your new lenses including anti-reflective coatings, Transitions®, polarized, tints and more!  It is important to note all lenses we sell include a scratch resistant coating.  Incorporation of anti-reflective coating such as Crizal® coatings can improve the durability of lenses.  We look forward to discussing all of these options with you for your next pair of glasses.

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