Contact Lens Exams

How do Contact Lens Exams differ from an Eye Exam?

Contact Lens Exam Bellingham, WA optometry, bellingham, wa, optometrist, eye doctor, eye exam, glasses, sunglasses, contacts, contact lenses, optician, opticalA contact lens prescription is more involved than a glasses prescription.  For patients interested in wearing contact lenses for the first time, a contact lens exam will be performed and will include additional eye health tests to determine if the patient’s eyes are a good fit for contact lenses. The doctor takes additional measurements to determine the contact lens prescription and brand. New contact lens wearers schedule a separate visit with thorough training on insertion, removal and care with an experienced technician.  The doctor will complete a follow up evaluation to monitor and discuss the vision and comfort of the new contacts with the patients.

Patients who are current contact lens wearers also have additional testing performed beyond the routine eye exam. The doctors will evaluate the cornea health, tear film, curve of the eye.  Vision testing with trial contacts determines which contact lenses will give the patient the best vision possible.

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