Glasses of Binyon – Scott Stiglitz must have color

“I’m always looking for the brightest frames. It takes me no time to pick, I see it and say that’s the one.”

glasses of binyon bellingham washington

We’re back with a new Glasses of Binyon highlight! See past Glasses of Binyon stories here, here and here!

Scott Stiglitz may have entered his bright colored glasses era a little later in life, but he has jumped right in with both eyeballs! After wearing more conventional, silver metal frame bifocals, Scott (or Stiggy as he’s known to many who call on him at the Hardware Sales cable shop), took inspiration from news anchors to go bold with his frame choice in 2021.

Stiggys’ first two Binyon glasses frames were a carbon fiber printed Ovvo frame and a Face a Face cobalt blue frame with tortoise temples. Next time, he designed a Seahawks-themed Feb31st wood frame and this year, purple was calling his name with the photographed Brutal No. 20 by Etnia Barcelona. After years of shopping at big-box retailers for basic frames, he loves the variety of choices, personal service and attention he receives at Binyon. He’s quick to decide- he knows he wants bold and as soon as he sees it- he gets the opticians approval on the fit and he’s sold. Check out the independent frame lines that Binyon carries that Stiggy has to choose from here!

glasses of binyon bellingham washington
Brutal No. 20 in purple by Etnia Barcelona the Bold Collection

For these 2024 glasses, Scott decided to pay tribute to his college team – the UW Huskies. He was on a mission for purple frames. These were the first ones he tried on and even after Heather showed him a few more purple options, they agreed the fit, the style and obviously the color were perfect!

Glasses of Binyon – Lenses matter too!

Stiggy has worked at Hardware Sales for 20 years, and his job has become more and more computerized in the cable shop, which also manages concrete sales. Due to vertigo, he was fit into lined bifocals when the birthday-onset vision changes first set in, but as his prescription changed, he found himself craning his neck pretty far back to see the screen and he asked about solutions. Stiggy now wears a trifocal lens, three distinct lined zones for distance, intermediate (computer) and close up (reading). It’s not as popular as a lens today making availability more limited, but the Binyon team sourced what he needed so he could stick with what works well for him.

Stiggy brings his great personality everywhere he goes. We’re thankful for the opportunity to help him bring color to his world and joy to him and all those around him, who often comment on his fun glasses. It’s not the usual choice for a hardware store employee, but it’s the perfect choice for Stiggy. If you’re looking to stand out in color or style, please stop by and check out the selection at Binyon Vision Center!